The European Race always had & can still have a BRIGHT & AWESOME FUTURE!

[I wrote this to an American. Jan]

If I may add my own 2c worth.

One thing I have pondered many times is this: The European Race has *ALWAYS* had a BRIGHT FUTURE. Our entire history is one of growth and progress. We ALWAYS have a bright future. We are ALWAYS planning and building and conceiving new things. All my life, whenever we had White rule, we were always moving forward, doing things and solving problems – except when our politics and our leadership were destroyed – here in southern Africa. But the moment we have others ruling us, then we find that there is no bright future. In fact, we are highly FRUSTRATED as we see fools, idiots and clowns incapable of doing even the most basic things. It is my own conclusion that the ONLY reason our race has gone down an insane path since WW2 is entirely due to one force and only one force: JEWS! For the last 76 years, we’ve never had such a losing streak in our entire history. We, as a race, have never been so demented, we’ve never been so weak, or pathetic or suicidal. Never before, have we bowed down to anyone and licked boots the way we are doing. The loss of the Germans, the Italians and the Axis, is in my view the greatest disaster we’ve had since the fall of the Roman Empire. But it is the Jewish influence that has driven us down INSANE PATHS that ALL WHITES RESIST. If you look at the history of almost every European and Western nation, including the USA, you’ll see endless examples of things that happened that were bad to the nation and that most normal Whites disliked intensely and in their normal nature resisted. I’ve studied the history of smaller nations like Portugal, Belgium, etc who had disasters that they resisted and how things went wrong for them. I have no doubt that the Jewish hand has been behind all our disasters. At the very least, the Jew is the enemy within, who misdirects the nation over the cliff. But he also runs to your WORST ENEMY and assists YOUR WORST ENEMY EXTERNALLY TOO.

We Whites are only now finding ourselves DROWNING in all kinds of problems that are not of our own making actually. All sorts of Third World and Liberal nonsense, and all kinds of junk that never existed.

If we return to taking control of our future, and focusing on our people, I don’t see any reason why we can’t have a FANTASTIC FUTURE. By default, our future is ALWAYS BRIGHT, WHEN WE ARE IN CONTROL.

In fact, everyone’s future is BRIGHT when we are in control. We are the only light on this Earth. I also don’t think we owe anyone anything.

The 2 dumbest things that ever came out of the Bible are: Love your enemy and Guilt – and then applying that guilt to people outside our civilisation. I have a video where a Jewish Professor from Israel BOASTS to a Jewish audience in Germany that "we invented guilt".

They use our values, which we had for ourselves and now we apply it willy nilly to everyone.

The day we focus on ourselves and our offspring and have as many children as is humanly possible … from that day onwards, we will have a very bright future. If we stick to that formula, I can’t see why we can’t have an incredible future until THE END OF TIME.

We have shown, for thousands of years, that regardless of the continent or the climate, or the threats, that we can solve problems and overcome anything that gets in our way.

It is only since the end of WW2, that we have been as utterly dysfunctional as we have become. We’ve never been more pathetic. It’s all that Jewish thinking, and Jewish control, and Jewish lies and assorted Jewish crap.

We’re like a man whose body is infused with massive amounts of cancer … and now he’s doomed to die.

Get the cancer out of our bodies. We don’t owe anyone anything. All we must concern ourselves with are our offspring and the future.

There’s nothing wrong with anyone. Not the kids, nor anyone else, when we control our own children and teach them the right things. I’ve seen examples of this over and over again.

If we control our own children, then everything will be fine, and they will be fine and the future will be AWESOME.

Only our offspring matter. We don’t owe anyone else anything.

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