#BS#THE BIG COURT DAY WITH JEWS: I’m off to court: Journalist says: Jews had warrant for Jan’s arrest was issued…

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#BS#A very quick note. I’m off to court in the next 15 minutes. Since last week when we were in court for a hearing on my apparent contempt of court, all the legal stuff from the Jews went dead quiet right to the end of the week.

Then early on Monday I got a strange message from someone purporting to be a journalist, claiming that a warrant for my arrest had been issued and would I comment on it? I spoke to my attorney about it and we decided to leave it and will investigate it today when we get to court.

I think there is a very strong possibility that the journalist will go ahead and print the story and that the story might already be online.

But we will investigate later.

So today is the main hearing that I’ve been waiting for, for months. I’m expecting some kind of Jewish trickery to occur. We had wondered why the Jews are going on and on about the warrant for my arrest?

It is based on the FAKE NOTION that I did NOT comply with court order in November. That’s pure rubbish.

But today is the big day for the main case which is the fake harassment case.

My attorneys and I put a *MASSIVE* amount of work into this case. So today is critical. Today we see what happens.

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