StormFront: American Comments re: Whites in SA: S.Africa: 2 Economists say it’s on the verge of collapse – My Comments

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[Here's a link to a nice post on Stormfront by one of my supporters who also operates on StormFront. You can see the comments by the various Whites in America. I agree with most of the comments. Jan]

Here’s the StormFront Link:

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Of course, its going to collapse, it what would be expected when they removed all the White leaders for no-Whites.

It’s not a question if it will collapse, but rather when. If the blacks could put their egos aside and allow the Whites to run the country again it will be better for everyone. But they won’t, so expect South Africa once the Diamond of Africa to turn into Hati part II type of country. More Whites will flee in the meantime!

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I worry, and always have, about the future of our white brethren in SA. When the stuff hits the fan I fear they will be blamed and become the scapegoats. I hope the Boer spirit is still alive and vibrant, and whites are well armed.

On a lighter note this piece introduced me to a new word, "parastatals", defined as Owned or controlled wholly or partly by the government.
Pertaining to such a company or group.

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Have they tried picking cotton?

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Default Re: South Africa On The Verge Of Collapse Say White Economists – "History Reviewed"
Whites in South Africa should be allowed to come to white nations as refugees.

The white race has a right to live. Stop white genocide. The white race is being flooded with the third world while white birthrates are below replacement rates.

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Same thing is happening here. Give it time.

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