VERY IMPORTANT: South Africa: Evil Ramaphosa wants to seize White Farmland without Compensation – My Analysis


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[Below is a message that I received, which is doing the rounds. It is from the Freedom Front an Afrikaans political party started by General Constand Viljoen. This message by the FF is truly cause for concern. The idea that Julius Malema’s EFF and the ANC can together amend the constitution takes us right back to a Mugabe type situation. This is EXACTLY what Mugabe did in the year 2000 in order to allow him to spend the next 10 years seizing white farms.

If this goes through parliament it will be a shocker – the biggest shocker of black rule.

Let me say this: Any white arguments about the importance of food and that seizing white farmland will result in “food insecurity” will fall on deaf ears. This is black communists nonsense and they will see to it that they and their buddies get the food first. Also, the USA, the Liberal/Jewish/Elite filth of the world will probably give the blacks free food like they did to Zimbabwe. So any white notions that there will be bad results for the blacks, are wrong.

Furthermore, Mugabe targeted farms based on which farmers were the biggest threat to him. Thus this law would be very dangerous as the ANC WILL ABUSE IT TO TARGET WHITES WHO THREATEN IT. e.g. Whites who give money to political parties or organisations that threaten the Govt. Rest assured such a law WILL BE ABUSED TO THE FULL BY THE BLACKS as it was in Zimbabwe.

Whites also can’t understand the communist mindset. It is not about having blacks produce more food. This is about destroying white assets so that the whites no longer pose a threat. That’s what this is really about.

We will have to watch intensely what happens when the worthless shit we know as parliament opens to do its filthy business. If these scum can change the constitution then we have big trouble coming.

The FF says that economic growth is down to 0.6% per annum. If they begin seizing farmland rest assured money will flee the country. But I no longer care about these things. Its good that things BREAK. Whites need to rebuild their own things so that we can part company with these blacks.

Finally, in my book Government by Deception (2002), I had mentioned the danger of Ramaphosa specifically. See the parts of the FF press release below which I highlighted. General Tienie Groenewald who ran Military Intelligence for 20 years told me to my face in his house in 2001 when I went to speak to him, that Cyril Ramaphosa is extremely dangerous. I mentioned this in Government by Deception. I mentioned that I’d been told that if Ramaphosa becomes the President that “the whites are FINISHED”. Those are the exact words that General Groenewald told me. He said to me that Ramaphosa was the worst communist of the lot. The Jews and Liberals turned him into a billionaire, but clearly you can see this man is exceptionally devious and he knows how to lie politely. The Liberals/Jews and Elite inside and outside South Africa are ELATED that Ramaphosa is now in charge of the ANC itself and he’s the Vice President. They think he will unseat Zuma. I am not so sure. And he might be worse than Zuma. Whether he does or does not become the President, he has kicked off something very threatening.

It is something I’ve considered. If push came to shove, we whites could survive without the farmers. It won’t be pleasant and we’ll be a lot weaker, but it IS POSSIBLE. However, if we can put up a fight now, for the farmers, its something I’m game for because rest assured the ANC will go after ANY enemy, not just the farmers. They can go after businesses or anything else if they need to. Jan]

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ANC’s expropriation of land without compensation is dangerous

Dr Pieter Groenewald

The decision, taken at the ANC conference, that South Africa’s Constitution must be amended to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation is dangerous and poses a threat to the agricultural sector, private landownership and the economy. The decision essentially jeopardises all private landownership and it paves the way for the nationalisation of land in South Africa in the future,” says Dr Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus.

“Those that believe that the conditions of the resolution, namely that food security and the economy may not be harmed, will in effect make the expropriation of land without compensation impossible, are being misled. Cyril Ramaphosa has mastered the art of emphasising only those aspects that put people at ease and the interpretation of the said conditions will be an ANC-interpretation.

“Once the Constitution has been amended, the provision regarding food security will be interpreted such that it will allow for the expropriation of agricultural land without compensation.

“In his final speech at the ANC conference, Ramaphosa commended the ANC for promoting and building the economy since 1994. That, however, is an example of a flawed ANC-interpretation as the reality is that the economy has declined and now has a growth rate of only 0,6 %.

“Ramaphosa has no choice but to do the ANC’s bidding and as an individual, his power is limited. When the Constitution is amended, it will be all over for private landownership in the long term.

“In order to amend South Africa’s Constitution, the ANC needs a two-thirds majority that it doesn’t have, however, the EFF has already indicated that it will support such an amendment. With the support of the EFF, the ANC will meet the requirement of a two-thirds majority.

“The FF Plus will do everything in its power to oppose the amendment to the Constitution,” says Dr Groenewald.

Contact details: 083 627 4397 / 065 801 7216

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