S.Africa: How Blacks break their own rules: Getting a FAKE COVID certificate!

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Video: What Adolf Hitler said about the Boers
I decided to look in Adolf Hitlers Mein Kampf (My Struggle) to see what he said about the Boers. Few know of his obsession with the Boers when he was a young man. In Mein Kampf I found many references which indicated that Hitler had a knowledge even of the black tribes that live in South Africa. I found MANY references to God, Gods image, the Creator and the Christian religion.

[The Blacks regularly break their own rules. They do this on an insane scale in many things. There are GOVERNMENT LAWS made by our Black government and then vast numbers of Blacks break these Government laws, and in many cases even Government ministers will break these laws. The article below is a paid one so I'm only posting the free part. I'm not going to pay money to read their stories. The Blacks are so excellent at breaking the rules you won't believe it. But there are some laws that the Blacks break, that the Whites sometimes also quietly break. But it is the non-Whites, including non-Blacks, who break laws in South Africa like you can't believe. So don't believe the statistics and the numbers the government and the Jewish Liberals give you. What you have nowadays are government officials in neighbouring countries who will sell any official service to other Blacks. But of course inside the country Blacks also do lots of the same. I know for a fact that certain spying services can be paid for. Don't believe the Liberal shit they tell you about Africa. Jan]

Travel deals: A bus ticket to Zim and fake Covid certificate for just R1800

Forged negative covid test certificates were previously sold over the counter, but clever bus operators have now added a layer of security into their system.

The annual rush to cross the borders into neighbouring countries is on, and forgers are making a killing with fake Covid certificates, needed to prove your negative test results.

The perennial jostling, hustle and bustle at Gauteng’s busiest stations Bree, Newtown Bus Terminus in Johannesburg, as well as Bosman in Pretoria has kicked-off, signalling the start of the cross-border December holiday travel. But in the midst of animated bus operators’ agents, luggage carriers, and hawkers fervently vying for customers, there is a service that is spoken of in hushed tones, with its mere mention capable of stirring suspicion and ending friendly conversations. This is the clandestine service of forgery rings providing desperate travellers, mostly those destined for Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Mozambique, with fake negative Covid certificates…

Source: https://www.citizen.co.za/news/covid-19/2938566/travel-deals-a-bus-ticket-to-zim-and-fake-covid-certificate-for-just-r1800/

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A White Family in S.Africa had this crazy experience! The Post Office is worthless. It was bankrupt recently ... AGAIN!

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