An American in Rhodesia’s shocking discussion with a top Rhodesian Air Force Officer – My Comments

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[[I found a bunch of interesting comments by whites about Jews, South Africa, Rhodesia and the West. ALL us WHITE MEN in the Western World need to begin fighting for the collective territory and people of OUR EUROPEAN RACE. We must re-take our countries. 

I've even been wondering if in the next 100 years whites can't retake Rhodesia now Zimbabwe. I am a big proponent of whites who want to re-colonise and seize chunks of territory in Southern Africa. I think all us white men must be willing to assist and help each other in the many WARS, we must fight AS A RACE in defense of our collective territory. 
We all the think the same and have the same values. Germany, France, etc are countries that should be equally important TO ALL OF US. It does not matter in which country you live … we must FIGHT FOR THE RECAPTURE of our societies from the Jews and the treasonous elite. 
Who the hell are these scum to tell us that we must give in to Blacks, Jews, etc? 
We must have MANY MORE CHILDREN and we must SMASH and DRIVE OUT the scum from our territories and AT THE TOP OF THE LIST ARE THE JEWISH SCUM. 
I agree with the guy's statements about the cross-border raids. He clearly knows a thing or two. 
And I agree, the white man must fight to have control, or walk out. Either win, or burn the country down and leave the blacks starving with NOTHING. STOP BEING WEAK. Jan]

Here is the comment that came from a guy who claimed to be in the Rhodesian forces:-

I was a sergeant in the Rhodesian Light Infantry from 77-79. I was hitchhiking, in uniform, just prior to Christmas of 77 when I was picked up by a rather distinguished gentlemen who said he could give me a ride to RLI headquarters at Cranborne Barracks just outside of Salisbury.

Noticing that I was an American he was rather keen to hear my opinion of things in general. We had over an hour of conversation, and during this time he asked me a number of questions that I couldn’t answer because the answers were classified. It didn’t take me long to switch on to the fact that he would have to be “some one” to even know to ask the questions. The distinguished gentleman turned out to be Air Vice Marshal MacLaren, Chief of Staff of the Rhodesian Air Force.

One area I questioned him about was why we weren’t prosecuting the war into neighboring countries. We knew where the terrs were training, and outside of Mozambique we left them alone. His position was that if we pissed off the West they wouldn’t support a peaceful transition to Black rule, and they wouldn’t guarantee the pensions of the senior military, and civil servants. I was amazed by his candor; he was willing to sell out his country for personal security.

Then there was the little matter of the treachery of South Africa. Anglo American Corp. (Rothschild) had been paying the Rhodies in Rhodesian currency for the minerals they took out of Rhodesia, and and then selling said minerals on the world market. The Rhodies decided to reverse the deal, and pay Anglo American for their production in Rhoe Bucks, and sell it on the world market for much needed foreign currency. Anglo American leaned on South Africa, and South Africa cut off the beans and bullets. The South African Whites then voted 70% to 30% to go Black. I’m certain that you can understand why I have zero sympathy for South Africa.

Eventually we did take out some significant bases in Zambia, and Mozambique, but it was too little too late. Shortly after we cranked up the cross border ops the terrs blew up the main fuel depot in Salisbury. Once they had penetrated our interior defensive perimeter it was all over, but the sad singing. The Blacks took over, the brass, and the politicians got their pensions, and safe passage to England, and the common White man lost everything; many lost their lives.

What the Whites in Rhodesia lacked was a willingness to win. They firmly believed that there would be a peaceful transition to Black rule, and everything would be flowers, and unicorns farting rainbows. They didn’t have it in them to fight to save their culture, and they lost everything. The Western World is no different today, and the outcome of the current struggle will likely be the same.


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