Crypto-Currencies will GO THROUGH THE ROOF … The Stupid S.African Rand is actually getting stronger!

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I have been looking at what is happening in the USA, and The Fed is printing money like there’s no tomorrow. They are just printing money at super, super, super, insanely super levels. The USA, being a global currency, which is even used as a primary currency in the world is used in a LOT of Africa as a "currency you can trust."

I have been mystified for months as to why and how in hell’s name the stupid, retarded, ever falling South African Rand is actually getting STRONGER?

Well, at first investment analysts told me that it was due to the US investors being DESPERATE for any kind of returns because returns are so low in the USA. But in reality, FOREIGN INVESTMENT IS FLOWING OUT OF SOUTH AFRICA. So that does not make sense.

I think I finally know the answer: The Fed is debauching the US Dollar at a pace never seen before. The US Dollar is falling like a rock globally as they try to keep the notion of "the boom that never ends" going in the USA. I have mentioned that this is an exponential, exponential and super exponential game. It’s impossible to do.

There are already some kinds of beginnings of inflation in the USA. But I think that because the US Dollar is so widely global, that they can print like crazy in the USA and the Dollar is so widely held that they have the whole world to flood before it really hits home.

The South African Rand, being the worthless bag of shit that it is, drops annually at 4-5%. But, I’m astounded to see it rising against the US Dollar. I think the only reason can be that the Dollar is falling like a rock. To see the US Dollar being weaker than the Rand – is beyond insane. But that seems to be a firm new trend.

How long the US Fed can continue with the scam is anyone’s guess.

The only outcome I can see is that importing from the USA will become cheaper than we’ve ever seen before. It will also enable the USA to export. I think the USA will continue with this trend. Though at some point inflation and even hyper inflation will come to the USA.

There is much to be said for weak currencies, especially if you want to export. So in a sense it can help the USA. But this should cause some really weird effects worldwide.

Nations that export to the USA will run into a new problem.

I think that the European economy will be forced to undergo massive new changes and rethinking, which, IN THE LONG TERM, might be excellent.

Gold is stirring again and getting ready for some wild moves.

Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are set to fly through the roof. In fact, crypto currencies might get the greatest boost of all. Even Etherium is flying upwards like a wild beast on steroids.

To the unbelievers in Crypto currency, you’re about to see the crypto currencies being the most stable form of money on the planet other than gold. As for anyone who doubted Bitcoin – you’re going to be amazed.

It seems to me the cryptos are going to fly like you cannot believe. Even the Evil Jewish super bank Goldman Sachs, is investing in crypto. I strongly suspect that the filthy lying scum bank JP Morgan might be secretly accumulating crypto.

The Nerds are going to show you that crypto is real and awesome.

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