S.Africa: Harry Knoesen and the Crusaders rebellion: Knoesen surprises state prosecution with guilty plea

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[Finally, for the first time in a very long time, I'm managing to get some news about Harry Knoesen and the Crusaders. Harry was a White Boer Christian, who led a Right Wing group called "The Crusaders". These people deeply believed in the Bible. And Harry said that the time had come to attack the Blacks and to seize South Africa back. That's the basic story. But there is a lot more to this. I'm not sure how many "Crusaders" there were. I had heard rumours of them quite a long time before and that among their ranks were supposed to be ex-special forces, like Recces. This trial fascinates me. These events took place in 2019. Knosen is actually a Christian Pastor. He also had some links to Black Christians. Jan]

Former pastor and leader of the Crusaders National Christian Resistence Movement, Harry Knoesen, is currently appearing in the Middelburg High Court where he faces charges of terrorism and high treason in a marathon hearing.

April 20, 2022

The state prosecution was caught by surprise after Mr Knoesen pleaded guilty to two of the five charges he is facing.

During today’s hearing, Mr Knoesen pleaded guilty to charges four and five, which include the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. He, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges of terrorism, incitement of terrorism and high treason.

Source: https://mobserver.co.za/158615/knoesen-surprises-state-prosecution-with-guilty-plea/

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