S.Africa: Electricity in very bad shape … somewhat uncontrollable…

The current state of electricity in South Africa is very bad. It’s the worst I’ve seen in a very long time. Plus we are in winter (such as it is in a country that is easy to live in). But things are so crazy now, that today we had 2 power outages. I don’t even bother looking at schedules because they are constantly changing.

So I just fall back on my solar panels and batteries which I hacked together myself. Like this evening I went to my kitchen to make a cup of coffee and I had barely switched on the kettle when a few seconds later all the power just died and I was in darkness. However, just a few minutes before I had switched my computers over to my battery bank in preparation for my final work of the day.

The power outages don’t impact my work at all, which is the way I wanted it. And with some forward thinking and planning I work without any interruptions.

But when the electricity becomes very unstable and they can’t even plan ahead, and they are running around back and forth to keep the grid up – that is a sign that we are getting closer to collapse.

But there are always Liberals, weaklings, Jews, Globalists and Free Masons who run around saving the Blacks from themselves. So we never have a proper collapse.

We need to go over the edge into the abyss properly. All this endless work to keep Liberalism alive is a waste of time. We need to head into the abyss.

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