S.Africa: 20% of White Farmers are paid Government Spies

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One of the Boer readers of my website told me that one in five White Farmers is a paid National Intelligence spy. He explained to me that he was involved with organizations where the Whites did some digging and in order to see who has links with National Intelligence. And this is what they concluded.

I can’t say more than what my supporter told me. So I can’t confirm or deny their methods.

But what I will say is that I have heard from DIFFERENT sources who don’t know each other, that the Government is even now, busy recruiting spies to infiltrate the White Right in South Africa.

From what I can ascertain, they are bold and they go for known Right Wingers and openly offer to recruit them.

I have also obtained other information which is quite troubling about people who are existing leaders who work with the Police or who openly liaise with the Police.

I have even been given the names of known spies in the White Right. I will never publish those names. But I find it quite troubling.

It was said in the past, by someone in the White Right, that 80% of the Government spying bill is spent on spying on the White Right. This seems to be very probable.

The names I was given, by some very serious people, are quite shocking.

I would be interested in more information among Whites who are paid agents for the Government, especially the Farmers. This is the first time that I’ve heard of White farmers spying for the Government.

But something you must also keep in mind is that Whites are destroyed and weeded out of the system with time. The only Whites who are left alone or who are helped ARE THE TRAITORS.

I am well aware of a long trend to destroy normal White farmers, both by the Government as well as by Jewish business. The Oppenheimer Jews of Anglo-American, are busy buying up White farms and people have told me that they are busy destroying White farmers.

There was also the phenomenon of the "Super White Farmers" which I looked into some time ago. I suspect that the Super Farmers must have other connections, possibly Free Mason or Jewish or Black connections and that is why they have been allowed to prosper.

I ran into FreeMasons as super farmers back in 2018. I actually met "former" FreeMasons while on some trips and spoke to them. Remember that FreeMasonry is owned by the Jews, possibly for over a century, and perhaps even the British have tapped into them. I came across an instance where a well known FreeMason owned 27 farms. He was stinking rich. FreeMasonry’s core is about getting wealth as long as you agree to their Globalist/Anti-White/Diversity viewpoints. I spoke at length to the "Former FreeMason" about their values. I spoke to him for many days and I concluded he was a Jew-loving, Diversity-loving, Christian type of person. He was totally against his own race.

I suspect that true Whites, especially Boers, are being destroyed, on the one hand by the Blacks and the Government, but also by Jews and other "Financial conspirators".

The Black Communist ANC Government, which hates Whites, is no doubt out to destroy all White farmers. However, the going is not that easy, and quite a lot of White Farmers have managed to survive.

But the farmers are definitely the key group the Blacks and Jews want to destroy.

As a final thing, in my trips in 2018 and 2019, I actually met Whites who liaise daily with the Police, and I spoke to one of them, who turned out later to be a real anti-White snake.

So we do have problems. But nothing is insurmountable. We can survive.

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