Reader: Get rid of the Disqus Comments system…

A Reader sent me this note: Jan, Is there a way to get rid of Disqus, and comment anonymously as it won’t let me sign up. Some sites let you do that comment direct within need for Disqus. Or make it optional example: Sign in with Disqus or Comment without signing in anonymously direct? If that’s safe if not ignore.

I replied as follows:
Please, let’s not go down that path. I used the normal comments systems and I could NOT keep up with all the manual work on my side approving comments. Eventually I sat with about 2,000 unapproved comments. You are forgetting that then I must read and approve every comment. I much prefer Disqus because then people post and there is no need for work to approve it. It is far superior to the normal default comments system.

The APPROVING of the comments is the hard work. I just can’t keep up with it. So I love disqus.

There is a rumour that maybe Jews will destroy Disqus. I don’t fully believe it. But if it should go then I would need to find a new system.

NB: You should be able to sign in to Disqus with just an email. You register with them and then you’re done. That is how I sign in to Disqus.

For me, its been a boon to see Disqus workinf.

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