Project Hammer – The Plan to sell out South Africa’s whites


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Received on: 2017-10-23 :-

@Jan –

Is about Project Hammer (or Hamer). The style is similar to Private Eye – breathless stuff with little explanation, probably intended to depress or annoy people. Anyway my title I think summarises the material, though there’s no summary I could find in it.

The point is ownership is invisible, and electronic money even more invisible. So gutting a country (as with the collapse of the USSR, and asset grab by Jews) presumably involves this sort of thing.

(From David Irving’s Site)


There are lots of conspiracy theories floating around South Africa about all kinds of things. Unless I have reason to investigate it properly I don’t waste my time on something if I don’t see any particularly compelling info in it. I’ve heard of Project Hammer before and just quickly looked it over and nothing in it grabbed me.

A lot of these “sell out” theories contain all kinds of inaccurate stories with no real source of references. For example, in this one: Who is the source for it? How did it come to light?

The USA had a definite interest in controlling the fall of SA. The British and others were players too. But my analysis of it is completely different.

So I’ve not studied Project Hammer and before I do I would like to know where it comes from. Who wrote it and what are the sources for this information. I suspect that a lot of stuff has been written to also cause confusion among the whites and to deflect anger.


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