Blacks break their own rules! South Africa: There are powerful, rich people illegally obtaining SA residency

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[Blacks break their own rules. This happens at all levels of South African society. Jan]

JOHANNESBURG – Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi on Tuesday said there are important, powerful and rich people who illegally obtain permanent residency in South Africa, and he hopes to close those loopholes soon.

He referenced Malawian fugitive Shepherd Bushiri who is facing fraud and money laundering charges to the tune of R102 million.

Motsoaledi said some people have obtained fraudulent permits in South Africa and he aims to deal with immigration policies decisively in coming months.

“Part of what prompted us to do this was the issue of permits and the issue of Bushiri who was given permanent residency in a fraudulent way in which he does not deserve.”

The minister said since 2019, a team has been reviewing some policies to tighten loopholes and a report which was commissioned is now on his desk.

“But all the permits that have been issued in South Africa since 2004 are being reviewed but we are reviewing those we suspect to have been given fraudulently.”


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