Only in South Africa: Liquor Ban to stop the spread of COVID – My Comments

[This is very likely due to the Blacks wanting to party, and then when they start boozing and partying, then COVID spreads. I'm guessing that maybe we're the only country in the world with a booze ban to stop the spread of COVID? …. hmmm…. I'm bored and I don't care. All the silly nonsense we have here. Jan]
  • The National Coronavirus Command Council is today receiving submissions about the need for tighter lockdown rules as South Africa enters its third wave.
  • A longer curfew, and limits on gatherings, will likely be recommended.
  • A new halt on alcohol sales, or restrictions on when booze may be sold, will also likely be discussed – with the Department of Health saying there is evidence such measures would help.
  • Cabinet will ultimately decide on any new measures, and it is not clear when it may do so.
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