The Germans/Italians Hit the blacks hard: Whites vs blacks Italy 2019 ;D

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[This is excellent. I was so impressed with this. I will comment more on this. But this is why I keep telling the whites of Europe: You will NOT have a problem driving the non-whites out in the future. You'll get ALL OF EUROPE BACK. When the white men get their act together. 

A supporter sent me this link to this excellent little video. 
Krampus is a mythical character from Europe. These white guys dressed as Krampus give the blacks a good beating. Its beautiful. 
When it comes to RAW FORCE … nobody can match our race, and Europe must arise again. Jan]

Check out this funny video…
It proves how much few white men can do vs much larger group of blacks ;D
Looks like those were Germans living in Northern Italy trying to celebrate one of their Holidays

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