Nelson Mandela, a White-hating Communist Terrorist brought to you by JEWS…

Jews have the ability to influence people they know. For example Nelson Mandela in South Africa worked for a Jewish attorney and then later Mandela became a White-hating Communist terrorist. When Mandela was arrested by the Whites, he was busy holding meeting with "White" Jewish Communists and they were plotting to unleash 7,000 terrorists on South Africa. At the Rivonia trial, you had a bunch of Black Communists, including Mandela, on trial with a bunch of "White" Jewish Communists. But the Boers had pipped them at the post and had been spying on them and nabbed all of them, except for Solly Jacobson, the Jewish psychologist, who fled to Britain, from where he plotted the next assassination of Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd.

The Jews are busy with this all the time. You’ll see that the Jews are closely linked to Julius Malema right now.

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