IMPORTANT: Putin will come in PERSON to South Africa in August for BRICS

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I was in the supermarket today buying my groceries when I saw The Daily Mail and Guardian with a big headline with Putin on the front page. I never buy these damned worthless newspaper rags. But I opened it and had a quick look.

The issue about Putin is whether Putin is coming to South Africa in person in August. The danger is that he could be arrested in SA. And the South African Government is supposed to arrest him since they are signatories to the International Criminal Court.

Apparently the SA Government told Putin he could attend the BRICs conference via the Internet so that this arrest issue doesn’t come up.

But Putin rejected that outright. Putin IS coming to South Africa in person in August.

I don’t think August will be a good month for him because the Ukrainians are already well armed and are hitting the Russians as they get ready for the counter offensive. No matter how long the Ukranians wait, the fact is that by August the counter offensive will be going intensively. It will DEFINITELY have started weeks before then. So the fighting will be at it’s most intensive ever, and I don’t think it will be going well for the Russians at all.

So I think August is going to be a very bad month for Putin to come to South Africa. I think he will have LOTS of problems back at home.

The time between now and August is just going to get wilder and wilder.

Putin will be safe in South Africa, and the Blacks will be very delighted to have him here. I think he will be trying to put pressure on them to take a stand against the West. But the Blacks are already struggling. Perhaps the Russians might need to focus on more radical Blacks?

Anyhow, the Blacks will NEVER arrest Putin.

I am sure there will be security procedures taken by the Government at that time.

August should be quite a wild time all round. And a little bit of the Ukraine war will come to South Africa and the world will be watching.

It will be very interesting.

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