My Lecture: 50 Years of Race War in southern Africa


At the end of 2018, someone came up with the idea of me doing lectures here in SA. I began to focus on this idea, and I then came up with this concept of summarising the wars and struggles of us whites here. That’s is how I got to the name: “50 Years of Race War” in southern Africa.

I began doing a few talks, especially where some Boere Legion people were present, including their leader, Izak Van Zyl. And people liked it. In fact, they liked my lecture so much that I was specially requested to go to an officer’s meeting to give them a 30 minute summary of my full 2 1/2 hour talk: 50 Years of Race War in southern Africa.

I had hoped that through lectures like these, that I could develop some home grown support in SA. The Boere Legion people who were at the talks, really liked it. I also found one venue in Johannesburg where I gave the talk and people were bowled over by it. They said they had never heard so much information in a single session.

It was then that the whole Fash Bash and USA/Canada trip came up, and I had to prepare for that. I therefore used this lecture at the Fash Bash. Part of it was live streamed, but part of it was lost. I gave this lecture across Canada.

I have deliberately held back on it on my websites, because I want to turn this into a video that I can hopefully sell. However, I have some ideas of how most of it can be pulled out into chunks to discuss many things.

I did a LOT of research on this including research on the unknown aspect of the Portuguese colonial wars. The Portuguese never get much credit.

I had truly hoped, upon returning to South Africa that I could organise more opportunities to give this lecture in SA. However, I’ve been very disappointed that all my attempts to do this have failed.

But this lecture is extremely deep, and NOTHING like this has been done with regard to southern Africa, and at the heart of it, is what we whites did. And what really went on. I learned a lot of things that I did not know, from my in-depth research.

My next big focus that I must complete in the coming weeks is the full discussion about Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, and the key role, played by the Jews in his assassination. This is the most hidden story in South African politics. Only a handful of people know the truth, and the truth has NEVER been published in any meaningful way. In part, because the Government of the time hid it.

So starting at the end of 2018, until about 2 months ago, I was finding myself running around and not able to focus on my websites and my many issues here, properly. As you can see I’m now on the move again, faster than ever.

But I truly had hoped to make some headway into getting local support. All the groups here, like the Suidlander clowns especially, they suck in money from all angles. But I am having a particularly hard time getting even the smallest bit of support.

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