I was at work in the Johannesburg CBD (inner city) one afternoon when I got a phone call from Jay Jay Sibanda. He had developed great contacts with the journalists and the radio stations. One day a journalist told Jay Jay that Robert Mugabe’s wife was in a certain hotel near the Johannesburg airport. He was told exactly where she was. So Jay Jay phoned me, and said to me that he was thinking of kidnapping Mugabe’s wife.

He told me he had a bakkie (pickup truck), and some guys and he was keen on going there and grabbing Mugabe’s wife!!! I was blind sided by this excited call. I advised him to not try to kidnap her because I was sure she was protected and they would be killed or hurt. So I urged Jay Jay to rather get his people together to hold a protest at the hotel. He agreed to do this. I also told him to call the journalists he knew, to come and document the event.

Later he told me what happened. When he and his people began protesting outside the hotel, the whites inside the hotel on the various floors were cheering the blacks on. Then the hotel management set some dogs on them. The journalists were there to capture all the action.

It resulted in the most news coverage that Jay Jay ever received. Major newspapers ran stories on it the next day, and that evening Jay Jay was on radio shows until late at night.

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