One thought on “Jews making movies showing White men committing atrocities against muds…

  • 15th Oct 2018 at 2:15 am

    Part of Jewish policy against white, and other, groups, is to inflame or invent divisions between them, then lead them to war. Then cause atrocities. There may or may not be publicised, depending on Jewish motives. For example, US and Australian toops in Vietnam committed atrocities on a huge scale. See eg. However, noone of this was mentioned in the Jewish media, though I suspect Jewish publicists in China put a lot of emphasis on it. Similarly, Jews promoted huge atrocities in the USSR and eastern Europe, usually through proxies, all of course kept secret. In this way, Jewish filth has a reservoir of atrocities to call on – though not Jewish ones. Whoever compiled your piece doesn’t seem to understand this piece of Jewish duplicity.


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