Chart: Where Solar & Wind Power are thriving … GERMANY!!!


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18 Pics: RACE TRAITOR: Charlize Theron is a piece of shit! She is HATED INTENSELY in S.Africa!
She grew up in S.Africa, but now that she‘s a big star in Jewish Hollywood she is utterly disgusting. Look at these photos and you‘ll see what a total TRAITOR she is to Boere-Afrikaners.

[Those brilliant Germans are at it again … busy breaking new ground in an area that is very important! Note South Africa does not feature on any of this despite our lovely sunny climate! Ditto for other parts of Africa where Solar would thrive. These are percentages of the total electricity generation capabilities of these countries… so this application of solar and wind power would DWARF what exists in South Africa. Jan]

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2004: White separatism on the increase in S.Africa My Comments
Back in 2004 I posted this article about Orania with my comments. You‘ll see back then I was advocating secession and a White‘s only state.

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