Jan’s visit to USA & Canada: It’s Official: US Visa Can Be Denied If You or Your Friends Are Critical of Ameri can Policies


[One of my supporters sent me these comments and this link to an article on Renegade.
This is shocking for “Free America”. This is sounding very much like the UK where many whites, including Paul Fromm were banned. 
Regarding Canada:
When I discussed getting into Canada, with Paul Fromm, I did not advertise that I was going to go to Canada. I only told a few close supporters, and some even told me not to go. However, I had total faith in Paul Fromm. So we made a plan.
Once I was in Canada, I told each group of white Canadians: This might by my ONLY CHANCE TO EVER SPEAK TO YOU FACE TO FACE. I made that clear to them. I feared that with Canada it would not be possible to return in the future.
I see Canada is already sending RCMP SWAT teams to the houses of whites who visit websites the Jews don't like. In the UK I had an ex-South African friend who was extremely brilliant with computers and security and he was so afraid of my website – he told me that MI5 would know if he even clicked to go to my history reviewed website. He wasn't a fool. He knew how creepy and weird the British are.
It seems the USA is heading down that path too. I must say, its shocking that they're trying this in the USA. Nuts.
My view, was, do what I can, while I can, especially in Canada, because there might never be a chance again. Speak to the whites face to say, and say what needs to be said. We might never see each other again.
This is the hideous state of our world.
But, as Goebbels wrote early in 1945 … what would the world be like in 2000, after a German defeat? He predicted that the world would be a dark and dreary place. He was right. It may be better being DEAD than living under Jewish rule. That's why Eva wrote to her sister, stating that she and Hitler will commit suicide because living in the future world will be terrible.
Those white Germans knew what they were talking about. Look at the lunatic asylum we all now live in. I still find it amazing that stupid Jewish run Britain bans whites like Paul Fromm – who actually comes from a country that was a firm part of the British Empire! The UK is banning ENGLISH SPEAKING WHITES … like WTF?
Here in South Africa, the whites just view the wild, crazy antics of the blacks and they ask: When will this madness end? And the answer, like in the UK, USA, etc … is NEVER! It will NEVER END UNTIL THE WHITE MASSES PUT A STOP TO IT WITH FORCE. Otherwise, these clown shows will just get worse and worse. Jan]
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