FREE BOOK: IMPORTANT: Robert Mugabe’s White-Hating propaganda book: Inside The Third Chimurenga – RACE WAR ON WHITES – RHODESIA

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[Robert Mugabe died the other day. He had begun seizing the farms of the Whites in 2000. His supporters wore T-Shirts saying “Third Chimurenga”. He and other Govt officials made many references to: “The Third Chimurenga” and if you search the internet you will find articles by the blacks about this “Third Chimurenga”.

You can download THE THIRD CHIMURENGA at the link below. In it, you’ll see what I wrote in 2008 when I first published it online. To my knowledge I’m the only person who has ever put it on the Internet. I only have about 50 pages of the 201 page book – but my understanding was that these were the most important parts of the book. You can download it here: Inside-the-Third-Chimurenga

NB: It appears to me that you can BUY this book from Google! They seem to have other books that were published by Mugabe. According to Google, this book was produced by: Department of Information and Publicity, Office of the President & Cabinet, 2001 – Land tenure201 pages

Here’s the link to Google where you can get the book and other books by Mugabe:

Let me explain the critical importance of this book.

This is the first time since 2008 that I’m re-uploading this book. My other AfricanCrisis website was taken down in 2018, and so this book has not been online for many years. With his death, I thought it very important to re-release it.

HOW I OBTAINED THE BOOK: To my knowledge, I am the only person who has ever put this book on the Internet. I obtained it here in Johannesburg through a contact who led me to a BBC journalist who had these pages. He had photocopies, and I was allowed to make photocopies and that is what you see.

I asked the BBC journalist whether they were going to write an article about it. The BBC journalist was a white female. She told me that she’d looked at the book and it had some racist references in it. I can’t remember exactly what she said, but she basically indicated that she did not think there was anything too important in it. So I made the photocopies at her office, and then left and was never in contact with her again. So the BBC journalist thought that this book contained nothing of note worth writing an article about. However, you can make up your own mind on that matter.

I produced the PDF from the photocopied pages. I am not sure if these pages are of ALL the book or whether these are simply the most important pages that were taken out of the book.

Officially this book was written by President Robert Mugabe. But in reality it was probably ghost written and he probably gave orders on the basic thing that needed to be written. As you will see, the cover attributes it to him as the author and no doubt the content and views therein are what he wanted.

Its been many years since I looked at the book and my main goal is just to upload this for interested parties.

The Liberals try to keep whites thinking that blacks do not have a racist bone in their bodies. However, this book was written for a very specific purpose: Namely as propaganda for blacks to prepare them for a RACE WAR AGAINST THE WHITE FARMERS OF ZIMBABWE

The blacks in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia), referred to a war as a “Chimurenga”. They spoke of the 1st Chimurenga and the 2nd Chimurenga. The 1st Chimurenga is a rebellion by the blacks in the late 1890s, a few years after the whites had colonised the country. The whites and blacks fought each other and the small white community defeated the blacks.

The country later became known as Rhodesia and the next racial conflict, the 2nd Chimurenga, is known among Whites as THE RHODESIAN BUSH WAR (of the 1970s) – when I was a kid there.

As far as OFFICIAL WESTERN HISTORY IS CONCERNED THERE NEVER WAS A 3rd RACE WAR WITH THE WHITES. HOWEVER, according to Mugabe, his Government and the blacks … THERE WAS A THIRD RACE WAR … THE THIRD CHIMURENGA. What the blacks called THE THIRD CHIMURENGA, was in fact, regarded in the West, as the seizures of the farms in the period 2000-2010. (It did continue on at a slower pace possibly up to 2016 even). So the whites did NOT regard this as a RACE WAR. No newspaper nor Western leader in the WORLD regarded it as a RACE WAR … but search the Internet, read this book, and you will see that this was a RACE WAR AGAINST THE WHITES. THAT WAS ITS INTENTION.

As I write this, in 2019, the South African Government under Cyril Ramaphosa, is preparing to seize the farms (and even the homes or other assets of WHITES ONLY) and they don’t call that a RACE WAR. Instead it is called: Land Reform/Seizure “without compensation”. In other words they are STEALING WHITE LAND. But they use all these nice phrases to hide this.

Here is a recent news article about the process in South Africa:

So one of my critical points here is that another race can openly DECLARE RACE WAR ON THE WHITES, yet nobody in the world regards it as a RACE WAR or even as a DECLARATION OF WAR.

This book was written as propaganda and motivation for the blacks who were going to “fight” this race war. Mugabe had a standing army, but like all modern blacks (and the ones in southern Africa are all communists), they do NOT USE THEIR OFFICIAL ARMY TO FIGHT THE WAR. INSTEAD THEY CREATE ANOTHER ARMY WHICH IS THEN USED officially/yet-unofficially to fight their actual war. Mugabe called up young blacks for “national service” in the “Militia”. The whites sometimes mockingly referred to the militia as “The Green Bombers”. But officially they were the militia. In total, to my knowledge, Mugabe called up and trained 200,000 young blacks for this race war and political war which followed.

The black style of fighting, having been tutored by communists (e.g. Russia, China, etc) – does not seem to be the same as the way that whites fight. It is a weird kind of political war, which includes murder, beatings, rape and assassination.

Mugabe apparently also gave the militia drugs to make them high and they had total access to women for sex as they needed.

The militia could function in Zimbabwe and commit any crime WITHOUT BEING PROSECUTED BY THE POLICE OR DEALT WITH BY THE ARMY.

They stirred up hatred against the whites, they also spent a lot of time destroying the new pro-white political opposition, the MDC. There is no record of how many blacks were murdered by them. But they definitely must have beaten and injured thousands.

Mugabe also used deception when seizing the farms. He pretended it was “needed”, and he pretended the blacks were budding farmers. In reality it was aimed at destroying the whites who were the most hostile to his Govt. His intelligence service, the CIO, the Army, and the Police all played their roles.

The Militia could commit any crimes they saw fit including murder and they would not be prosecuted because the Govt had issued an order to the Police to stay out of “Politics”. Police openly stated this when people tried to report the crimes.

This book is an attempt to stir up hatred against the whites by pretending that the blacks had been maltreated and it tries to portray the “great achievements” of the Mugabe Govt. When I read parts of the book, I thought they were patently false in a number of matters, having grown up there.

In the book there are various racist remarks in some places aimed at the whites.

According to my knowledge this book was given to the Militia and it was part of their study and training to prepare them to wage THE THIRD CHIMURENGA against the White Farmers. In total there were 5,000 white farmers who made a lot of money and were the most important factor keeping the economy going. Due to the 20 years that these farmers existed under Mugabe’s rule, they were also responsible for keeping the economy running well with big exports of foods and important foreign exchange earning crops. These farmers thus played a big role in keeping his economy strong when he went on communist military adventures like fighting an 11 year war to keep the communist Frelimo in power in Mozambique. He also played a huge role in the “World War” in Africa in the Congo in the 1990s when between 2.7 – 5 million blacks died in a multi-national black-on-black war, that the Mass Media has also largely kept from the world. It was this war in which Zimbabwe and Angola played a huge role, that finally broke his economy and caused heavy losses in troops. It was as a result of this, his biggest military adventure that the economy began to break and his actual political opposition was formed, the MDC.

The MDC was formed by whites and blacks. Whites supplied the money and organisation and the blacks supplied the votes. The idea was to vote him out of power. But you cannot vote a communist out of power! And he used the militia and other dirty means to destroy the opposition.

It is my view that he went after the white farmers, knowing full well, that they were growing ever richer and fearing that they could be a threat to him. However, the white farmers and the whites, had brokered a deal with the blacks, in the form of the MDC in 1995, and they were actually a few years ahead of Mugabe. He was shocked when he held a referendum in 2000 to change the constitution, when the MDC, using phone text messages, got all the blacks to REJECT his constitutional change. It was then that he realised he had a problem and he set about seizing the farms.

By seizing the farms, and driving the whites out of the country, Mugabe undermined and destroyed the financial support of the MDC. The whites played a crucial role in organisation, etc. The whites initially also hit back. There were a few farms where white farmers and their black workers fought against the land invaders and drove them off.

Mugabe pretended that the farm invasions were “the black masses seeking land which they desperately want to farm”. In reality, all the land invasions were planned and organised by the Govt, the Central Intelligence Organisation and the Army. Army officers in civilian clothes co-ordinated it and walked around with AK47’s in case the whites resisted it.

When I was a kid in Rhodesia, the white population was round about 250,000. Under black rule it was 100,000 because most of us chose not to live under black communist rule and most of us went to South Africa. During this time of the land seizures and the resulting economic collapse, the white population dwindled to 30,000. However, that figure of 30,000 is almost 10 years old. I don’t really know, and probably nobody really knows, how many whites are left.

So in reality, in the end, THE THIRD CHIMURENGA did destroy white wealth and the final white power and drove whites out of the country. So it was successful. The entire economy imploded and Zimbabwe has never recovered since.

The total population of Zimbabwe was 13 million and they were facing 100,000 whites many of whom were actually quite old. A common practise in Africa among the whites has been to send their children out of Africa knowing that there is no future for them. So it is mostly pensioners and old whites who had to face this racial conflict. Even so, the damage it caused to the blacks was out of all proportion to the numbers of the whites. It caused intense political and economic chaos which the country never recovered from.

The communist Govt is still in power and they’ve murdered and smashed the MDC opposition. At one point, there was even one white who was so popular among the blacks, Roy Bennett, that he could have possibly one day, have been the first white to rule a black country.

The Government won.

Yet nobody in the West regards The Third Chimurenga as being a black declaration of race war on a small white population whose assets they proceeded to destroy. Nor do they comment that the blacks who worked with the whites were themselves beaten or injured or murdered outright.

The Western Mass Media is very silent about the intent of the blacks and always pretended this never happened. But if you look into this, you will see that these blacks regarded themselves as being AT WAR WITH THE WHITES. Even so, the blacks did not fare well and they were harmed even more than the whites by their own actions.

NB: When Mugabe set out to invade and seize the white farms, he knew he could face a famine as a result of his actions. He stated openly that it was acceptable to him if even as much as half the black population died. Again, this is a reference to the seriousness with which he took it. As it turned out, despite the collapse of farming, the Western world, especially the USA, I think, fed the blacks for many years thereby averting them of starvation as a result of the actions of their own Govt. He was assisted in many ways, which I will not go into. But let it be said that if the blacks had to have taken responsibility for their own actions, many millions would have died. One definite result has been that a vast portion of the population DID LEAVE THE COUNTRY. Again there are no statistics but I would not be surprised if anything from 4 million+ of the 13 million, had to leave the country to live and work in neighbouring countries, especially South Africa in order to survive. They would then send money to Zimbabwe and in this way, helped to keep Zimbabwe from total collapse. The unemployment in Zimbabwe must have been a world record. I would not be surprised, if at times it had been above 90%. Again, no firm figures are available.

As usual, the blacks do not take responsibility for their own actions nor the actions of their government. As always, they are molly coddled by the pathetic Western world.

NB: For the record, because I was one of the few who wrote about this on the Internet when it happened, and because I was constantly hostile to the Mugabe Govt, there was even a time when 2 of the Militia came to Johannesburg, dressed in very expensive suits I might add, and they wanted to see me, claiming (falsely) to be a part of the (nonexistent) MDC Youth Movement. They were actually spies coming to meet me because I wrote about war. They specifically asked me “How can we join the war” (against Mugabe). I told them: There is no war. I write about it on my website, but in reality there is no war, and there are no guns, etc. They were keen to meet me to talk to me again. On the second meeting, I brought in a black whom I trusted, who was from Zimbabwe and he questioned them at length and caught them out. They were quite upset by this arrangement by me. They requested a third meeting with me, but, now being certain that they were Militia from Zimbabwe, operating in Johannesburg, I declined all further contact and stayed away from them.

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