HATED IN SOUTH AFRICA: Afrikaans White are FURIOUS with the Hollywood bitch Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron is hated among Whites in SA. This is where she was born and grew up and people detest her. I posted an article a few years back about what a race traitor she is. It is clear that being a Hollywood star working with Jews and scum that her mind has been fried. She’s either stupid or she’s just a whore for money and fame and she’ll shaft her own people for a few Jewish dollars. She said some nasty things about Afrikaans, and that really riled up the Afrikaners. They were so angry, that memes and jokes about her are popping up everywhere.

Some of the memes and jokes are very rude. People are extremely angry with the bitch.

I’ve written before about what a race traitor she is. She’s an idiot at the very least or just a whore for money.

One joke I saw indicated that she must "Voetsek" (F*ck off) and another one said that she should rather "eat bird", which in Afrikaans actually means: "Suck cock".

I haven’t seen the White Afrikaners this angry in a long time.

I’ve posted these 2 articles about her in the past. She’s just an asshole who got famous and she’ll say anything her Jewish bosses want her to say:



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