EXCELLENT: More small White video websites going up!!! EXCELLENT! To hell with Youtube

I just discovered another video website. I’m not sure if it allows other people to upload videos there, but the URL is: https://mywhitetv.nfshost.com/

These mother f*cking Jews of Youtube who have chased and driven whites off Youtube… well it pleases me intensely that despite all the negatives, and all the attacks, and sad losses like GoyimTV, that whites … true to their form … are just getting up and doing their own thing … Jew free.

There is another white video channel someone mentioned to me. I can’t remember the name now but I think "world" is part of the name.

WHITES MUST REFUSE TO BE SHUT UP. Silence = Death. DO NOT KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. If we shut up, WE DIE. Make noise!

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