Donations please: AfricanCrisis

This is my monthly donation reminder. I would appreciate some support. I will be putting out a video/audio in the coming days with a detailed update of what I’ve been up to, how things are going, and what my plans are. I’m trying to get a certain "balance" in the way I do videos, content and also fix and enhance things. My current efforts are aimed at producing 3 proper videos per week. Its quite a bit of work, but I have lots to say and show people. So you’ll already have been seeing that. Also, I have had a complaint that is too expensive. I would very much like feedback on this from everyone. Please tell me which things are too expensive, etc. I am happy that my phase 1 of white-shop is over, and I did a total of 5 sales. I want to prepare for phase 2 based on the many lessons learned.

TAKE NOTE: With donations, I am very cautious and I do not just give out info because of the fear of banning and enemy agents. So PLEASE also be patient and if I don’t get back to you fast enough, just remind me. In my video I will explain all that I’m doing, and how its going. But don’t miss the videos! I’m aiming to do more videos that are USEFUL and which whites can learn from as we prepare for struggles, racial confrontation and probably WW3. I think the lockdowns are being managed to create massive economic chaos of the kind of 1929, and I suspect that in 5-10 years, we will find ourselves in ever increasing racial stress, low intensity warfare and revolution, etc.

The best way to contact me is the contact us page on my website.

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