Could Rhodesians have survived in the end? What of White survival in South Africa?

[This is from a previous discussion where a guy in America who is a historian asked a question on a show I did. He asked, if in the end of Rhodesia, when the Whites and the Blacks were sent into camps by the British, for the final elections, whether the Whites could have quickly attacked and slaughtered all the Black troops not have given us a final victory? I did respond that in the short term we could have done this, but Rhodesia would have to survive in the long term, and the Soviet Union and China could have just continued arming and training the Blacks. Plus, America had put pressure on South Africa to cut off our fuel and ammunition supplies. South Africa was our ONLY remaining supply source. Below is a note I wrote to the historian. Jan]

I wrote:

I really enjoyed your question on the show about whether Rhodesians could have done something at the last moment to smack the Blacks. To attack the camps would have worked to some degree – but remember I mentioned that Mugabe’s people never went into the camps – he kept his army out in the field. Also, the British were there and were watching everything. But yes, your suggestion is not without merit. But it does play into the deeper issue of whether there were other ways Rhodesians could have survived … and the same is true for South Africa. These are issues I’ve pondered deeply, and in more recent times I’ve got some serious answers. I’ve done a lot of homework on the matter. There are several methods and strategies that I’ve wondered about.

Then there’s also the issue of the current survival of White South Africans into the future. This I think is very doable.

A particularly important topic I’d like to do a show on, has to do with the one and only time in southern Africa that the Blacks tried to kill all the Portuguese in Northern Angola. That is a very wonderful story. That, along with even recent events like in July in Natal, when the Blacks swarmed over everything … the MILITARY LESSONS from Angola and even Natal, are proofs that Whites will survive. But the Angola stuff was insanely wild, and it’s a story that has been hidden away from everyone because it went very wrong for the Blacks.

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