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Pilot found deceased after crop spraying aeroplane crashes, Bultfontein. Photo: SAPSPilot found deceased after crop spraying aeroplane crashes, Bultfontein. Photo: SAPS

On 21 January 2021 at about 21:00, the police were informed of the crop spraying aeroplane that went missing whilst spraying crop between Bultfontein and Hoopstad. The search was immediately launched and local farmers used drones to try and locate it but to no avail.

The police helicopter was activated and could only fly out during the first light, which was around 5:00 on the morning of 22 January 2021. Within 10 minutes of flying around the area stipulated, the plane wreckage was spotted in the field.

The pilot, Christiaan Wild, who was alone during the crash, was found deceased.

A case of inquest has been registered for further investigation.

SAPS Newsroom

Photo: Facebook


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