China’s Prime Minister gives Ramaphosa the GREEN LIGHT for White Land THEFT!

[You will notice how often Jewish controlled Britain does things that match up EXACTLY with what communists do! You saw that piece of shit, May, coming to SA to give Ramaphosa the big GREEN LIGHT to F*CK THE WHITES OVER! And here is China doing the same! Britain never fights communism. Britain SUPPORTS COMMUNISM and has done so since WW2 at least.

So this piece of dog shit, Ramaphosa, who is our President, now has the BIG GREEN LIGHT to screw the whites over! And if we disapprove of this, then we are the criminals! Jewish Communism has turned the world on its head!! ALL whites need to FIGHT BACK!! Jan]

Xi Jinping “approved” the South African government’s land reform policy.

This is according to Cyril Ramaphosa, who is currently in Beijing to sell off the rest of the country to Chinese.

The old story of wounds over land deposition of blacks was again cited, and apparently these wounds should now be made “healthy”.

Which ointment the Chinese will wax on the wounds will have to be seen, except that they acknowledge that they are “developing” in most African countries and that they are also after the land.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on:

The original Afrikaans:

Xi Jinping het die Suid-Afrikaanse regering se grondhervormingsbeleid “goedgekeur”.

Dit is volgens Cyril Ramaphosa wat tans in Beijing is om die res van die land te verkwansel aan die Sjinese.

Die ou storie van wonde oor grond afsetting van swartes is weer aangehaal wat kwansuis wonde veroorsaak het en nou “gesond” gemaak moet word.

Watter salf die Sjinese aan die wonde gaan smeer sal gesien moet word, behalwe dat hulle erken dat hulle besig is om te “ontwikkel” in die meeste Afrika lande en dat hulle ook agter die grond aan is.

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