Example of a Hacker’s Ransom Note to me when they Hacked all my Websites in 2020 & 2021

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[I just want to show you what happened when hackers broke into one of my servers about 2 years ago. They tried to destroy everything. They were hacking my websites inside and out. The damage they did was insane. This started in the period February – April 2020. They caused mayhem for me. They broke into my database and stole my data and then sent me a ransom note which you'll see below. They also broke into the code that runs my websites and they put virus text all over the place – in the physical programs and even inside the database. My older supporters will remember the time when they clicked on websites and then they were taken to other weird websites. That was when they were busy hacking me like crazy. They also left ransom notes for me. It caused me to have to take many counter measures, and it was a long struggle to get my servers sorted out. When you run a website and you have enemies they come at you. On AfricanCrisis, in my early years, they would hack my websites and leave messages proudly saying who hacked them. I fixed all my main websites, but I had a little blog, a science blog, that I did not fix. I'm actually currently taking a look at it to fix it and get it going. It's been down for 2 years. But I was too busy to look at it. And I'm also gathering all my information and programs from when I was dealing with this nonsense. At first I thought I would NEVER be able to fix my websites because they came in and put their virus code all over the show. But once I figured it out, I could fix it all in a couple of minutes and my websites would be 100% back to normal. It was however a very unsettling experience – just like in the past with AfricanCrisis. Most hackers just come to damage your stuff. They damage it and they don't tell you who they are. But in some cases they tried to scare me into paying a ransom, which I never did. Even though they had broken into my database, and wiped out my data, the fact was that I had my own backups, which I restored. I learned to take many counter measures as a result of this nasty stuff that happened. Jan]

All the ransom notes they left for me, they put it inside the databases in a table called: WARNING.

Then when you look inside WARNING then you see this:

1 | To recover your lost databases and avoid leaking it: visit http://dbrestore.to and enter your
unique token 8eb8832dbd394c19 and pay the required amount of Bitcoin to get it back. Databases that we have: historyreviewed, whiteshop, africancrisis. Your databases are downloaded and backed up on our servers. If we dont receive your payment in the next 9 Days, we will sell your database to the highest bidder or use them otherwise. | http://dbrestore.to | 8eb8832dbd394c19 |

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