China: Coronia virus: 30,000 Chinese dead instead of 400?

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The other guy whom I let post on HistoryReviewed, who uses a German rank, is actually from here in SA. He was posting a bunch of stuff about what Lancet and other top medical scientists are saying about the Corona virus.

He was telling me that he thinks there have been 30,000 Chinese dead so far from this virus.

This is plausible. When I look at the way the Chinese medical staff are suited up when they go to get people infected with this, I think they are in serious fear.

Also China built a whole hospital in a matter of days.

I think, there may be reason to believe that this is far worse than the Chinese Govt is admitting and some in the world may well know that but they’re not saying much since this is primarily a Chinese problem.

I have a hatred for Communist China because of what they did in Africa and helped the black communists here.

So if millions or tens or millions of Communist Chinese die, I would not bat an eye at this.

I hope that it is HORRIFIC in China. China is an enemy of the Whites and the Jews are the scum who have helped communist China to grow. I would be delighted if hundreds of millions died there.

Sadly, I don’t think it will be anything like that. Sadly.

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