WHITE REVOLUTION: White Nationalists seen as TERRORISTS in USA & Germany – My Views: White Men: SEIZE BACK THE ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD…

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Photos: Putin and the JEWS: The false belief that Putin will save the White Race
In 2017, in this article I pointed out how much nonsense is being written in the White Right about Putin being some kind of saviour of the White Race. I pointed out his links to Jews. Putin is a Jew-friendly Russian ruler. Since then I‘ve discovered even more data to support this.

The late great American hero, George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American NAZI Party, said once: “After Black Revolution, comes White Revolution!” Heil Hitler to that my brothers and sisters!!!

Damned right! After DECADES of everyone spitting in the face of the white male, in every Western country, now a few white males are standing up … and now the Jews and Elite are shitting in their pants!

I was utterly delighted to read about the incredible THREAT that the FBI and US Govt perceives to be from “White Nationalism”.

I am sad that over 100 white men were arrested. We’re going to have to improve our methods. But it does show that there’s no need for false flags … the white males are getting ready to shoot or blow up stuff. I was particularly impressed with 2 plots to blow up synagogues! Woa!!! That’s AWESOME!

Now it should NOT be that Whites go to jail for blowing up synagogues. If the Govt was honest and cared for whites, then Judaism would be BANNED and OUTLAWED and Rabbis would be regarded as TERRORISTS … which is what they are. It is Rabbis who should be sitting, not just in jail, but on DEATH ROW. This race of treasonous shit who live among us.

I was extremely pleased when I read of the things the white males of Germany have been up to. I was grinning from ear to ear. I’m not going to comment in detail on that. I will just say that the white males are thinking very clearly.

It does DELIGHT ME that Police and Soldiers were also successfully recruited. This is critical. This shows you where their hearts really lie. I cannot emphasise this enough.

It is critical that whites continue to press forward with our message. Work on everyone you can lay your hands on, including people who are or were in the military. Deep down, every white man, fought for his family and his race. In the end, it boils down to family, kith and kin.

If we spread our message properly, then the time will come where some of the Police, Army, and other military people abandon their elite filth leaders in order to be on the side of the common white person. This is how revolution works. It worked the same way in Africa as in every other country where Jewish communism went to work.

Do not fear the numbers game. If we do things right, we will have white males with proper military experience on our side. Our brothers will be stealing weapons to assist the common people.

Let them arrest people. Let them carry on… because in the end, the Police and others will have to ask themselves WHAT IS THIS REALLY ABOUT? AND IS IT RIGHT THAT COMMON WHITES LOSE THEIR GUNS, their jobs, etc … for wanting to see their own kind surviving?

Just spread the word, to the young, to the old, to anyone in any walk of life, but take special note of those with military experience. Many might be veterans.

Eventually people have to pick sides. Our message has become sophisticated thanks to the excellent work that so many different people, heroes and heroines have done over the decades. Our message is based on deep and strong, provable truths.

Currently I’m busy studying Professor Carroll Quigley, and his views and writings. He was a pretty deep fellow and I regard him as the elite intellectual of the current elite. He’s a clever fellow. I will be returning to this topic because it is important, especially for America.

Quigley made an interesting prediction that America could become an Empire. I have no doubt that this was a conscious goal of the elite. Quigley himself may have played a major role in helping to create that line of thinking.

Ultimately for us whites, also keep in mind the value of a person. We must show them, who do they want as friend or foe? Are they more afraid of ISIS or of us? It should be that we should scare them SHITLESS. If we want to do our job right, then we need to scare the living daylights out of the elite and the super rich. They need to have sleepless nights. I hope the Jews are getting presciptions for more pills.


Let me end by saying this: We, the white people of the Western World, know what the values of our nations and our civilisation are. Those values are being trampled by Jewry and the Elite. The white male in particular is kicked in his face, spat upon and SHOVED DOWN … OPPRESSED … in his work and in every aspect of his life. His own women are leaving him because he is seen as being weak.

If our ancient forefathers had to see how low we have sunk, and how weak in spirit we are, despite the magical powers of our incredible civilisation … they would have been utterly disgusted with our WEAKNESS.

We know what is good for our people, and we know what our history is about. All our various nations are spawned from energy of our forefathers and ancestors who lived in Europe.

I see no reason why the White male, be he in America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, shouldn’t just roll up his sleeves and set about the work of seizing back EVERYTHING THAT IS HIS! The Western world BELONGS TO US. We do not have to ask anyone’s permission to seize it back. It is our unspoken DUTY to SEIZE BACK that which belonged to our forefathers and ancestors and to drive out, smash and tear apart anything that threatens our fantastic civilisation created by the brilliant minds and the courageous and hard working people of our race.

I would like to see ALL WHITE MALES stand together and fight together … We must take back the Western world. Anyone who stands in our way IS A TRAITOR TO HIS RACE AND HIS ANCESTORS AND FAMILY.

Who are these other pieces of shit to come and spit in our faces?

And if the white males in the Police, Intelligence, Army, Air Forces and Navy were to look around them, they should realise that they are reporting to elite scum who feel nothing for them and their loved ones. They should realise that the white masses are right, and that the Jew-ridden elite are the traitors. How dare they throw away the West?

We white men need to regain our self respect and we can only do so by CRUSHING and SMASHING our ENEMIES. This is the ONLY way to get RESPECT is by being a man. There is no other way. Our women will love us for doing this, more than ever before. ONLY WHITE MEN CAN SAVE THE WEST AND WE MUST DO THIS AS BROTHERS! 14/88


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