Chart: S.Africa: Huge Banking outage! – Huge Standard Bank outage – including online banking, credit cards and ATMs

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[Standard Bank is one of the biggest Banks in SA. They had a huge outage today. I’m not sure of the reason. When I worked for one of it’s big competitors, they just lied to the public about the reason for an outage. My best guess is that it’s probably some incompetence due to the morons they hire! Nice! Let the country collapse. See the chart below. Jan]

Standard Bank is suffering an outage across several of its services – including its banking app, ATMs, and credit card services.

According to Down Detector, the issues began at about 12:00 on Sunday, and had not been resolved at the time of publishing.

Standard Bank outage

The bank confirmed to MyBroadband that it is dealing with an issue that affects several of its commonly-used services.

“We are sorry that you are not able to access our Banking App, Internet Banking, USSD or transact with Credit Cards, Point of Sale (POS) and ATMs,” Standard Bank said in a statement.

“Please use your Debit Card to transact in the interim. We are working urgently to fix this issue and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

Standard Bank outage
The Standard Bank mobile app is affected by the outage

The company has since tweeted the same message on its official account; however, several customers have responded to these tweets by claiming that their debit cards are also not working.

It is not yet clear when these issues will be resolved.


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