ATTENTION: Why the Boer book is not downloading from AfricanCrisis – the MALWARE!

Many people have been complaining to me about the free book that they are not getting on AfricanCrisis.

I was looking into the nasty malware problem, which actually grows in size the more I look at it. I have a small nightmare here on my hands.

I decided to put the malware problem to one side to look at a quick fix for the FREE Book which is not downloading.

The moment I looked at the page I had created for this, I saw to my horror a whole lot of code which should NOT be there! And there for the first time I could see the MALWARE all over the show. The “robotics” malware had infected all the contact us pages on AfricanCrisis and White-shop. It was actually the first time I had finally found the spot where it had been hidden on my website.

I did a more complete investigation of white-shop and to my horror there it had so many copies of the malware. But I think it will be even worse on AfricanCrisis.

So the good news is that I now know where to look for the malware – the robotics one. But the next problem is to remove all of it without doing damage to my database.

I then need to return to the allow-space malware to see if I can find more copies of it, because it too is still not properly removed.

The extent of the malware infection is truly big. I’m quite horrified by it.

But I’ll work out a way to remove it. This will teach me a good lesson. I had not known of such a thing before infecting the inside of websites.

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