Apartheid: S.Africa: Jani Allan: I wish I’d been born, or become JEWISH!

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[Jani Allan was a huge name in South Africa in the 1980s when I first came here. The Liberals and big MSM newspapers loved her. She was witty, etc. This gives a bit of insight into how the whites of that time did not see anything wrong with being Jewish or knowing Jews. This is how it was too in Rhodesia.

When I started AfricanCrisis, and I slowly built up support, I ran into Jani Allan when she was on Cape Talk radio. I did several shows with her until they began throwing me off the air and later they fired Jani. For a while Jani was somewhat racist when I dealt with her and she wrote and said stuff that got her into trouble.

After she was fired, she left South Africa and one of my supporters on AfricanCrisis, the late JoAn Wilcox helped Jani to get a job in the USA. Jeff Nyquist in the USA even helped her to move. She became a waitress and that was a LOT lower in status than she’d ever known before.

In South Africa, I’m told her first husband was a stinking rich Jew. And that helps to explain how she got into the (((elite))). She’s British born. She was attractive and clever and was fawned over for long and as a journalist she had a very high profile.

She also had an affair with the late Eugene Terrblanche of the AWB. You can say what you like, but he clearly drew this woman. So he had some good sex appeal! Which is great.

She’s forgotten and old now, and looking worse for the wear. She tried to make a comeback by writing a book. But I think her (((Liberal))) (((friends))) couldn’t be bothered with her anymore. They did not like the mild bits of “racism” that infected her for a while.

I came across this mention that Jani apparently made that she wished she’d been born or become Jewish. Clearly her mind is still messed up by not being able to think straight about race. She is however a typical example of how whites did NOT see the JEW as an issue. In her case she still does not.

Here are some photos. She was a household name when I came here in the 1980s. I’ll also link to the story about her love affair with Terreblanche. She calls him a buffoon, but clearly he was a HOT BUFFOON! The fact that she slept with him says it all! He was at least male and she was caught by that! So its nice to see a bit of white male sexual power! We need it back.

This Liberal, confused, weak Jewish/British/English thinking needs to go. We need to become racialists and national socialists first and foremost. Jan]

Here love affair with Eugene: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1266613/Ill-known-tart-slept-racist-buffoon-The-British-born-beauty-bewitched-murdered-white-supremacist-Eugene-Terreblanche.html

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