Alex Linder: Max Keiser – Governments CANNOT control Bitcoin?

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[I saw Alex talking about this on pieville. He is referring to Max Keiser. The real issue is that Governments determine what is legal and illegal. The governments can pass a LAW. Now of course whether they really will is another issue. But if they WANTED TO, they could control anything including the crypto currencies. I am a big believer in crypto myself and watching it more and also seeing some of the potential. But I must tell you that crypto, like anything else, can be controlled by the governments. It starts by CREATING A LAW. They could create a law or legislation to do with Crypto Currency, and thereafter they can state what they will allow and won't allow. In the case of Crypto, it is CONTROLLED by PEOPLE who make decisions. For example, the difficulty level of the mining of crypto is controlled and modified all the time. So the way to control the crypto is by controlling the people who control the rules. If anyone knows more about the rules of crypto at the higher levels I'm interested. Bitcoin has rules stating for example that there can only be 21 million Bitcoins EVER. It would be hard to control that, but it's not impossible. It simply depends on how far the Government would go. Due to the heavy levels of investment, it would certainly piss off masses of people. So they won't do it lightly. But crypto is already being partly controlled by Governments requesting personal information. So there already, the governments have removed the secrecy of Bitcoin and nobody could stop that.  Jan]

Alex wrote:
keiser is asserting flat out, no hedging, govts CANT do anything about btc. boy do i hope that is true. separation of money and (((state))). i have long said central state is outmoded, it’s simply a self-serving gang. sheeny slavers riding herd on their well farmed christcucks formerly known as White Men.

I replied:
Alex, I’ve also heard Keiser saying this. If the governments really wanted to they could. You *CANNOT* stop the Govt. The weakness I think is this: That governments can move in on the people who make the RULES for Bitcoin. Remember there are people who control the bitcoin rules. The Govt could force them to make changes – e.g. to level of difficulty. It’s unlikely. BUT THEY CAN IF THEY REALLY WANT TO. You cannot stop them.

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