Africa: Blaming Whites for the failures of the Blacks! – The Portuguese…. – The REAL MISTAKE WHITES MADE!!!

Among the information I look at are academic papers that are written by Academics in various places. I sometimes even see Papers that were written for Phds.

I just saw a paper that was written about former Portuguese colonies. I just browsed the title and the summary and just laughed.

The question was raised as to whether the Portuguese were to blame for the subsequent problems of the Blacks!!! Hahahahaha. That is such a load of crap.

I can assure you that in Africa, Blacks got about 50 countries, handed over to them on a plate, from the British, the French, the Portuguese, the Belgians, etc. These states were in perfect working order.

I read some time back that the Blacks of Kenya were moaning and groaning that the infratructure they inherited from the British actually needs maintenance!!! So they were bitching about that! That decades later you actually need to fix some of the stuff the Whites handed to you on a plate.

Let me tell you the REAL MISTAKE we Whites made when we handed over these countries: We should have BLOWN UP EVERYTHING and BURNED DOWN EVERYTHING and GIVEN THEM NOTHING! NOTHING!

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