Photo: S.Africa: Gentle 21 year old white male stabbed to death by Blacks for a cellphone, Mossel Bay

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[The good die young. Sadly. Such a waste. The pile of dead Whites just grows! Jan]

June 12, 2021

Gentle 21 year old white male stabbed to death for a cellphone, Mossel Bay. Photo: FacebookGentle 21 year old white male stabbed to death for a cellphone, Mossel Bay. Photo: Facebook

A 21 year old resident of Mossel Bay, Rikus Raath, was stabbed to death at a traffic light in Louis Fourie road on Saturday 5 June 2021, when he was attacked by two robbers whilst he was walking the 200 metres from his home at The Lofts to the Total garage to buy milk.

The two robbers, black males, only took his cellphone before fleeing to an illegal squatter camp situated nearby.

The area has been suffering a spike in crime and robbers regularly attack and rob pedestrians, cyclists and tourists. Rikus died on the scene. The milk which he just bought was still lying in the road.

He was found by members of Da Gamaskop neighbourhood watch (NHW).

Tens of thousands of white men, women and children have been murdered in the so-called new South Africa, almost exclusively by black men.

The liberal mass media calls this ordinary crime and never mentions the race of the attacker. The question is why not?

They are clearly busy hiding a slow war on the white minority that is unfolding under the ruinous anti – white totalitarian rule of the ANC which transformed South Africa into a crime paradise.

The liberal mass media is deliberately hiding this fact.


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