2 Pics: S.Africa: Is Willem Petzer controlled by a Jew?

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[I was recently interviewed by Graham Hart and Bizer. Here’s the link to the video: Video: INSANE South Africa: Corruption, Waste, Parasites, Liberal idiots, Jews & Ramaphosa. During the interview I was asked about Willem Petzer who runs a very successful Youtube Channel. I was asked about his pro-Jewish stance. I said it was no problem and that he is young and that he will wake up with time to the truth.

Then one of my most loyal American supporters sent me an email with the photo below saying “Red flags over Petzer”.

My American supporter wrote:

I heard your interview. Petzer is sick at this point. I wouldn’t  support him or trust him at all. He’s ruined and unreliable at this point. I wouldn’t trust someone who bans people for criticizing Jews. A Jew attacked him, not so long ago, and he still is in with the Jews. He also has some handler named Cohen. So, the red flags fly over Petzer; new ones every day.
I was hoping you could mentor younger people in person. That would be the best use of your time.
In a later email he wrote this about Petzer with Cohen:-
Here’s a picture of Petzer and someone named Cohen. I find it fishy.  I only know Cohens who are Jews.
So the above photo, which I think comes from Petzer on Facebook, says that he is with Brian Cohen.
Notice that Cohen doesn’t quite look like the way you think a Jew would look. My American supporter has a good point. I was fooled by a Jew from Rhodesia whom I had worked with for years. He was a huge man, and didn’t look in the slightest way like a Jew, but his surname was Cohen. Like a fool, I didn’t notice the Jewish name until one day I overheard him saying to another guy “… My Jewish heart …” – only then did I realise that he was Jewish, and the Cohen surname hit me in the face!
Don’t be fooled by Cohen’s looks. Lots of Jews in SA don’t look one bit like Jews. They look like Europeans, but they are 100% Jews and they go to their filthy synagogues and they harbour the same anti-white hatred and slyness that you find in Jews in the USA and Europe. These people are the ENEMIES of our entire RACE.
Cohen, for the record is actually an important Jewish name and Cohen is a name closely linked to Jewish Rabbis. It has a sort of serious religious connotation to it. I think my American supporter is on to something.
Petzer’s behaviour, in banning people re: Jews is typical of the stupid way I was in the beginning before I woke up.
It is interesting that Petzer is big buddies with this Jew. This cannot be a good thing, since Jews are, at their very core:-
(a) Anti-White
(b) Anti-Nationalist.
Here is a photo of Petzer at Orania:-
I cannot see any Jew supporting Orania or Boers or a Boer Republic. I had many discussions with my Jewish friends, and I later learned that Jews are Globalists and Liberals and they HATE Nationalism, especially Afrikaner Nationalism.
We’ll have to watch Petzer and see if he ever gets to wake up regarding the Jews. I was just like him for several years, banning people regarding the Jews and being a fool for the Jews. But eventually you have to wake up to the fact that this insidious tribe is the ENEMY of Boers. Jan]

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