White Suicide: Whites want to kill themselves … tell me why…

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Here in South Africa we have a lot of Whites who want to commit suicide. But recently, I was speaking to an American I know well who told me he was thinking of suicide and then he told me of a White Christian woman in the USA who also told him she wanted to kill herself.

I’m totally against White suicide. But I’m curious to get feedback on the thoughts Whites are having that are making them want to kill themselves.

When I was young I was very suicidal. But I grew out of that.

I’d like to hear what people are thinking and why they are thinking of suicide. Then I’ll look at what advice and thoughts I can give.

I suspect that their expectations of life are wrong, and they’re freaked out by the nasty things that are arising everywhere.

And I’d like to see whether religious or non-religious people are thinking in different ways about this.

I know in South Africa it affects young and old alike.

I’m curious to hear from South Africans, Americans or any other Whites.

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