What I remember & cherish the MOST about Rhodesia: Comradeship & sticking together!


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This is the strange story of how the Belgians were forced out of their own colony by the globalist United Nations and how America sided with communists. Facing them were Blacks who were supported by the Belgians, South Africans and Rhodesians.

The thing I cherish the most about Rhodesia and that I value the most in my life, and which I think back to the most fondly of all, is how we stuck together.

And reading about how we poisoned the black terrorists and all the tricks we tried, right to the end, makes me smile. I’m probably the only person left on the Internet with the last propaganda of the Whites of Zimbabwe, when they were ounumbered 130:1 – yes, no kidding. 100,000 whites in a sea of 13 million blacks. Outnumbered 130:1; their last political moves and their last propaganda against Mugabe. It will make you laugh. You’ll be grinning. You won’t believe some of it.

What I cherish the most was the way that Rhodesians, even after everything had fallen apart, still, pretty much stuck together and nobody ratted each other our. I especially cherished and valued our spirit in the face of the world being turned against us, and we were united by a hatred for a common enemy.

It is so different, to the idiotic way the world has become, thanks to Jews/Liberals/Communists – nation wreckers all of them.

I value this the most. The Afrikaans Rhodesians, never once accused the English Rhodesians of lying or trickery, nor the other way around. To the end, all that mattered was that we were Rhodesians, and while nobody really said it openly, to all intents and purposes, the Rhodesians were a white elite fighting to retain their power. This is natural and normal in the world.

But there was a sense of unity among us, that I never saw in South Africa, except, somewhat among the Boere.

It therefore pleases me when I see a growing unity among whites in SA and it delights me. And it delights me too, when I see whites in the USA, Canada, Europe sticking together. Its a very beautiful thing.

My Boer NAZI pal says that people should be more: “Race Conscious”. And that’s the best way of putting it.

IF WE STICK TOGETHER … you will be simply amazed and delighted when you see what we can do TOGETHER!

The only true happiness you will find, and that I find, is whenever I look at what whites have done together in the past, when you see whites sticking together, working together for some glorious plan, in peace or, even more importantly in WAR. Its beautiful, the lengths to which whites can go in support of each other.

If we can break away from Jewish Liberalism, which is a dead, set path to COMMUNISM and RACIAL DESTRUCTION, then our future, will be … UTTERLY FANTASTIC!!!!

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