WARNING: My Website HistoryReviewed with allowandgo malware – AfricanCrisis? Not sure

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Just a note: I’ve been notified by readers that HistoryReviewed has been infected, suddenly, by a malware called allowandgo. I’ve checked and it comes up quite often and will redirect you to a website called allowandgo.com.

The main danger of this infection is that if you click "yes" that it will infect your BROWSER. So don’t do that. Otherwise it’s not dangerous.

I’ve taken backups of the site and am downloading them for analysis.

This is similar to the plethora of infections I had before. I just need to spend a few hours studying the matter to see what the best solution is.

I have not seen evidence that it exists on AfricanCrisis or any of my other websites.

If you experience any such infections then drop me a line on my contact us page or by writing in the comments below.

I had a plethora of such infections last year and I solved them. It took me a while to figure it out.

But I should be able to sort it out faster this time.

It’s not dangerous to your PC. It merely, at best, can infect your internet browser, but only if you click Yes.

This is also true with viruses that you get in emails. NEVER click YES or ALLOW if you don’t know what it’s for. That simple process can save you huge amounts of hassles. This is also true for the dangerous viruses that can come in email attachments.

I’ll look into the matter and get back to everyone.

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