Video: The Sea (and Waves) are RACIST! – S.Africa: Three mariners killed in naval exercise in Kommetjie


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Video: How the Church betrayed the Boers and is directly responsible for the White Genocide
This is an absolutely brilliant video that was made in 2017. The Boers were TOTAL believers in the Bible and in Christianity. It had kept them going through the hardships of life in Africa.

[This is a laugh. They say in all seriousness … "the submarine was hit by a wave…" … Well, I'm glad the fools figured that out. I'm afraid the Sea and the Waves are not working according to Affirmative Action. Mother Nature doesn't care. If you're an idiot and you're at sea or in the air … you might just die! The Black woman who died was very senior. She was a high ranking office.  Jan]

Here’s the video:

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European Outlook
This is a website run by an excellent British man that I know who is a true racialist. He puts out good, solid content.

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