Video: Science: Whites have become DUMBER in the last 100 years


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Video: Professor Quigley: The Jewish Rothschilds and the History of Banking and Money
Professor Quigley was hated by the White Right in the 1960s. The bulk of this video is 40 pages specially removed from his 1966 book, Tragedy and Hope, which deal with the Jewish Rothschilds, banking and Whites and Jews who played a big role in capitalism.

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I cite a scientific study which shows that whites have become dumber over the last century. But it seems this study isn’t the only scientific one showing that people are becoming dumber. The rate of dumbing down is measurable per decade. People are truly becoming more stupid and its scientifically measurable! See the above chart from the Mail in the UK

Here are some of the relevant links:

Even the Mail in the UK is saying people are becoming dumber (but beware of the arguments by the (((Liberals))) where they try to deflect us away from the facts: Click here to read the Mail article

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