Video & Audio: What Napoleon would teach White South Africans: Part 1 of 3


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This is a very important video, especially for those who believe that blacks will just overrun whites in South Africa or elsewhere in the USA and Europe and that outnumbered whites will be helpless and hopeless.

A long standing American friend of mine, who fought in Vietnam, sent me one of the video links about some extreme black violence that occurred in Johannesburg, South Africa a few weeks back (in July 2019 I think). I live about 15 Km from where this extreme violence occurred. My American friend told me that its all over for whites in South Africa and that we cannot possibly survive. Even an ex-South African in Australia said the same thing.

I decided it is time to show whites very clearly, why I believe that we whites can survive massed black attacks and an all-out race war; and I think we can even inflict very serious casualties on the blacks if they dare to try it.

I also deal with the the tactics and strategies of the Suidlanders, whose permanent overseas salesman, Simon Roche, represents. I also discuss Gustav Muller and the books by Adriaan Snyman about Van Rensburg the Boer Prophet.

In this 3 part series, we take a very close look at all the violent action that occurred in Johannesburg, from every angle. We also study Napoleon and the 2nd battle he fought as a young officer against a massed army of 30,000 Royalists, armed by the British in the streets of Paris.

We look at how the Afrikaans/Boer Police fought against the blacks in the past. We study the tactics and methods.

I also discuss my investigations years ago into what could happen in an all-out race war in South Africa. I explain what I did and how I came to the conclusion that whites would survive an all-out race war, regardless of what the blacks throw at us.

In this video series, I focus most closely on the myth, perpetuated by the Suidlanders, from the earliest days of their leader, Gustav Muller in 2007. The myth is that black massed attacks would kill all the whites in a city like Johannesburg. Thus the Suidlander strategy, which is based on prophecy, makes no sense when compared to actual fighting in cities in all wars, including South Africa’s own racial conflicts.

In this video series, the key issue is studying street fighting and large masses in cities, which the Suidlanders claim, will result in the mass annihilation of whites, literally to a man.

There are other aspects of race war, and a future all-out battle between blacks and whites which I do NOT go into here. There are also many things which I do NOT mention, which I am convinced will work for us whites in a race war.

It concerns me, that whites in South Africa, the USA & Europe are already feeling extremely demoralised at the thought of being outnumbered.

I also explain why the modern South African Police end up “failing” in curbing the mass violence of blacks. I point out, that what we are looking at is STAGE MANAGED FAILURE – something which occurs incessantly in South Africa. But this also happens to a degree across the USA and Europe.

Why do we “FAIL” when in fact, there is no logical reason for us failing? Thus we study the film footage and you can see clearly, why this is in fact happening.

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