VERY IMPORTANT: S.Africa: How Whites & Business solve a BLACK GOVERNMENT PROBLEM – Private sector solves power crisis while government stumbles along

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[Let me show you how South Africa really works and how the inept dysfunctional Blacks are saved by Whites and Big Business. I was very concerned about the electricity this winter, especially for the predictions for July 2023. I was concerned by the predictions by experts that even the electricity grid could collapse. I got some extra batteries so I could be ready for June and July. Then in June I began to notice LESS Eskom load shedding (rolling Blackouts), than I had seen in a long time. There are very few now. Then I began reading that non-government people, e.g. Business as well as normal people buying lots of solar panels … were actually solving this problem!!! So the solution did NOT come from the useless, greedy, worthless Blacks in Government … The solution came from outside government, normal people (mostly Whites) and from Business. Businesses are setting up huge generators. But normal people are putting up more solar panels on a MASSIVE SCALE! The amount of power that has been created through this process equals the amount we would have lost through load shedding. KEEP THIS IDEA IN MIND. This is how Whites DEFEATED CRIME. It was the same thing. The Police were worthless, then, mostly Whites, started security companies. The security companies and neighbourhood watches probably catch 99% of the criminals. The Police are worthless. Soon we will be mostly off the grid. The next collapse is WATER and I'm curious to see how people handle that. I have already made my preparations. As this continues, Whites will eventually only be paying TAX to the greedy, worthless, Black Government! When we get to that point, we should set up our own Government. By then, there will be no need to have a government because we will be looking after ourselves completely!!! I hope Whites wake up and seize that moment when the time comes. Jan]

Monday | 19 June | 2023

By Nico Strydom

Phase 6 loadshedding has been applied for more days this year than any other phase and up to and including the end of May there have already been more than 3 480 hours (or 145 days) of load shedding this year.

2023 will soon have been the darkest year yet as far as load shedding is concerned. In 2022, the previous record year, there were a total of 3 757 hours of load shedding for the year, while we have now reached that figure within the first five months of 2023.

In the meantime Eskom’s losses are soaring while its debt burden keeps on growing. There also seems to be dissension between Gwede Mantashe, minister of mineral resources and energy, Pravin Gordhan, minister of public enterprises, and Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, minister of electricity, about the control of Eskom and how to solve loadshedding. Some of the proposals are to not close down any of the coal power stations and to allow Karpowership’s power ships to berth here for years for emergency generation.

While ministers are fighting and the government stumbles on aimlessly the private and community sectors are busy solving the power generation crisis.

“Phase 6 load shedding is with us and it would seem that this is what our winter is going to be like. However, phase 6 is merely the sum of the government’s ideology and impotence. If an ideology of race and centralism is mixed with greediness, corruption, entitlement, incompetence and arrogance, the sum is phase 6,” says Dr Dirk Hermann, chief executive of Solidarity.

The momentum for self-generation of power has simply become too big and the government could frustrate it but cannot stop it. “In 2023 alone commercial generators already registered a gigantic 2 300 MW with Nersa. There are also 4 000 MW on people’s roofs. This equals six phases of loadshedding.

“All the government has to do is to create a technical and a rate dispensation that makes it possible to connect this capacity to the network. This must be their main priority but they are running in three directions. The government remains the stumbling block .

Plans are already being made to ensure food security on the off chance of an improbable total collapse of the country’s electricity network. “Preparing disaster plans is the responsible thing to do. The Solidarity Movement’s point of departure is also that plans have to be made for a small-probability but big-impact situation.”

However, Hermann feels that the probability of a total collapse is still small. A total collapse is almost always the result of a transmission failure. It is a distribution crisis. It is usually caused by a natural disaster, war or sabotage. The probability of that happening is as big under phase 0 load shedding as under phase 10. Higher load shedding therefore does not bring us closer to a total collapse.”

According to Hermann the electricity system is a mess because of the government’s ideology of centralism, race madness and incompetence.

“Although phase 6 loadshedding has become almost normal, we may never accept it as normal. Instead of running around and making all sorts of plans, the government must aggressively create a dispensation that makes it technically and commercially possible for the private sector to supply power to the network. The private sector and households will build power stations for us.

Eskom’s generation capacity is going to deteriorate and not improve. The answer is elsewhere and new technology makes the answer more and more possible and attainable.

“A solution is possible, but the government is too functionally and ideologically handicapped to find it. They can frustrate the solution, but the anger in the country and the momentum of the private and community sectors are too big to stop it.”


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