VERY IMPORTANT: FEUDALISM SAVED EUROPE: Can Feudalism and (National) Socialism save Whites now?


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Video: How Rhodesia & South Africa killed 1 million+ Blacks after Portuguese Collapse
This is the story of something that the Rhodesians kicked off in desperation after the Portuguese had collapsed. Its effect lasted decades and huge numbers of Blacks died and it had massive effects on a Black nation. In this video I also discuss many deeper things including my discussions with President PW Botha.

I was quite delighted to see that people have begun talking about Feudalism. When I was studying Professor Quigley’s writings on civilisation a year ago, before the COVID and Jewish legal nonsense, I was very surprised by Quigley’s statements about Feudalism. He really lauded Feudalism in a BIG WAY, because Feudalism also successfully defeated the centuries of Mongol invasions.

I had, until last year, never heard someone raving so much about Feudalism and its power and success. I have been thinking more and more that the situation we find ourselves in with Capitalism and Jews is such that the Jews will not allow us to function normally, with money. So we are evolving into a new system.

I have been pondering the economics and our economic problems and have been thinking that the White way, or the European way, may be, naturally, a largely non-capitalistic system. That a type of socialism is normal for us. Do not equate FINANCIAL SUCCESS with REAL SUCCESS. Our natural system for Whites, is not a financial system but a state system that combines the power of government and army. We have a whole different mindset.

Feudalism, as Quigley pointed out, was really inherited from the Roman Empire and the Christians then used that and evolved that.

We in the age of the Internet must see ourselves as the PIONEERS THAT WE ARE. We are leading the way into a new world. The Jews and their scum who are trying to destroy us, are merely using their advantages over us, but we also have many advantages ourselves.

LIKE ALL CONFLICTS THIS IS AN ASYMMETRICAL CONFLICT. This is quite natural. When 2 sides fight they have very different characteristics.

I have pondered Hitler’s National Socialism a lot and the more I think about it, it is not only natural, but also THE MOST LOGICAL WAY TO LIVE.

We are a race WHO LIVE IN AN UNNATURAL WAY. Most of our unnatural lifestyle does NOT fit with our natural personality.

Our natural personality is very much also militaristic. We are a naturally militaristic and state type of people.

By returning to our old ways, I am *CONVINCED* that you will see also see a NATURAL RETURN to other things which we were losing. e.g. The Family. When we live in our natural way, FAMILY will become NORMAL again. Everyone will gravitate towards that. You will not have to force it. It will come naturally.

But economically, forget Jewish capitalism. This is NOT our natural state.

I was delighted to see Occidental Dissent as well as Paul Craig Roberts discussing this notion of Feudalism coming back.

I think our new society will also have a lot of bartering, etc.

In this age of computers, all such systems will be very easy to live by. Computers can overcome many of the complexities of managing a complex system like bartering for example.

The Super Rich and the Globalists need to be smashed. They are treasonous scum who are destroying our race and civilisation.

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National Vanguard
This is an excellent American White Racial Website and organisation. This comes from the work of the late Great Dr William Pierce

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