VERY BUSY WITH MORE MALWARE FIXES – NOTES FOR READERS: AfricanCrisis & White-shop – The Robotics infection


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After solving the main problem which existed only on AfricanCrisis, I’ve been spending several hours looking at the next problem.

One of my alert readers told me that this website was coming up: robotics malware.

If you put it in your browser, for a second it will display an arrow asking for permission.

One of the big problems in this search for the actual malware is to figure out exactly WHERE in the website the infection is.

I had a nice breakthrough a few hours back. I found exactly where AfricanCrisis and were infected with this robotics nonsense site. I found the full infection in several places.

I am in the process of removing it.

I think the best thing from now on is for people who go to my websites, who find themselves being redirected to weird websites, to drop me a message on the Contact us page.

The thing to watch out for is the site suddenly sending you to another website and BEWARE of any times when it asks you to click on certain things. CLICKING is always dangerous. The Internet “rules” that all software adheres to is that if you are presented with a choice and you click on it, that this is proof that you wanted it. So viruses and malware present you with a fake reason to click a button and if you click it, then you give consent to something potentially dangerous. e.g. Things which are normally NOT ALLOWED on the Internet can be allowed when YOU CLICK A BUTTON. Thus, for example it could try to install software on your PC, etc. So NEVER CLICK BUTTONS. The same is true for phishing links and “attachments” on weird emails from people. NEVER CLICK. Clicking is the point at which you are overriding natural protections and that can then unleash serious problems.

So in the future, if you get weird redirects, then drop it on my contact us pages, and give me as much info as possible. e.g. Tell me what URL you were on when it happened. Give me the link it took you to and also if there are any messages it displayed … let me know what they were.

Armed with that info I will be able to search my website to see where the heck this nonsense is coming from.

I also will have to find out why africancrisis and white-shop got hit but historyreviewed did not. I am aware of some technical differences between my sites and this gives me something of a clue.

We also need to monitor this to see if any of this nonsense comes back after I have cleaned it out.

I do feel confident that I’ve nailed the worst of the problems.

A FINAL SPECIAL NOTE: Are any of you getting the popup screen for the free book on HistoryReviewed? Its been dead for some time, and I’m thinking that something may have done some damage there. I need to replace that popup anyway.

JUST A NOTE: If you have stopped your browser from storing cookies, then that popup will appear EVERY TIME you come to the website. I use cookies on my sites because cookies are not malicious of their own accord – they are just very tiny text files that live inside your browser that allow the site to keep track of the “status” of interactions between my sites and you. This is how I know to only put the popup once a month. The Internet is STATELESS and websites don’t know who you are or the last thing you did 1 second ago, so a cookie is the only way to introduce “state” (i.e. a form of “memory”). Its extremely useful and sophisticated website processes and nice features are ONLY POSSIBLE if you have cookies.

What you can do is clear out all your cookies once a month or once a year. But they are not malicious or dangerous of their own accord. So don’t get too paranoid about them.

I will send a voice update later today possibly about my websites, internet hassles and the struggles of the last month. As with this nuisance malware its been a very interesting learning curve. As a rule, I try to take lemons and turn them into lemonade. Sometimes I go to crazy (and funny) extents as I learn and try to find solutions and I walk away with a LOT of practical knowledge. This sometimes confuses some of my supporters who write to me about THEORETICAL THREATS … because I have the experience of what MIGHT HAPPEN versus WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS .. and the two might be very different.


I urge all whites to actually push the edge and do things, and then observe what happens. This is the best way to learn and to observe. You will then begin to learn some interesting things… and this is the best way forward. We can move forward faster by observing through practical experience. Don’t get too hung up on theory always. Theory and reading is important. But practical experience becomes even more useful.

You will see that we’ll move forward much faster if we focus on overcoming problems and facing the lemons head on. The lemons are extremely instructive. It tells us a lot even about our enemies. One can draw many interesting conclusions from this. So just focus hard and PUSH FORWARD. Jump through the hoops and observe. We will be able to make huge progress much faster even though it appears as if we are being hit with one disaster after another. The “disaster” is extremely instructive because it allows us “face to face interaction” with our enemies. This is more valuable than Gold.

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