The Total Insanity of the Western World’s Liberal politics – My Thoughts

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Video: JEWS106: Jewish Complexity: Source of their BEST LIES!
This is a very important video I did. I have been wanting to tackle the topic of Jewish complexity for a long time, because I have noticed that some of the best Jewish Lies come from a bogus complexity that Jews introduce into everything.

I have been just pondering to myself the utter stupidity of the politics of the Western World. It is a politics in which whites are NEVER allowed to discuss their own situations. White leaders are not allowed to lead white people, etc.

Deep down, I think there is a Jewish problem which ties back to all this. I think that "the money power" plays a critical role in causing whites to have lost their ability to speak for themselves.

Then on top of this we have the stupidity of covid.

I must tell you, I think the West has reached a point where we’ve come to the end of what Liberal politics can deliver. The West, especially, is also locked in to certain territories with no ability to expand.

The White man has finally reached a corner, and there is no place to move forward to. But it is the silence of our politics that is the craziest thing … that whites cannot speak. It makes us leaderless.

It’s all insane really. But I think we’ve come as far as we can go with Jewish Liberalism.

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S.Africa: Blacks: To Avoid AIDS: Have Sex with Animals...
At one point AIDS was killing Blacks like crazy. Then the West came and saved their worthless lives.

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