The Russian African Village for White Farmers (and BLACKS) in Russia – Are there any Boers or Whites in Russia?


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[A German friend of mine said to me that there is a small community of Whites/Boers south of Moscow who did move there. Below are my discussions with him. I'm very skeptical about Russia and I can't see anyone truly travelling there. There will be very few people who will go. See below and you'll see my comments. Culturally, White South Africans are really Western Europeans and we like Europe and we like America. That is where we fit in the best and the easiest. Jan]

My German friend wrote this:
Russia will even build a village for disgruntled American farmers as well. But there are already South African farmers in Russia. I will try and get info on this. There is a south african farming community south of Moskau. Will try and get this and let you know.

With regard to western europeans going to Russia, there is the language barrier. Russian is foreign to us, not only the language as such but also the writing. Western Europe does not use cyrillic alphabet. Therefore to adapt is more complicated. But for one thing, Russia is keen on south african farmers; they have plenty of land and south african farmers make soil work and yield harvests, even under harsh conditions. Friends of mine from here travelled to Russia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. They never saw one and told us about it.

I replied:
Were they looking for south african farmers there? Didn’t they find any?

Yes, I agree the language and alphabet is a huge issue.

The Russians made the offer for White farmers LONG AGO, about 20 years ago, when I first started my websites. The important farming organisations went there. A bunch of people went there – high level people. I think, if at most, that only a tiny community might have moved. But I never heard any good news about it and I never heard of others going.

I also think this African Village idea is a load of crap because BLACKS can go there. So why do you want to go all the way to Russia to find yourself with the same useless anti-White Blacks that you are surrounded by here? I can’t see it working.

In many ways this is going to be like the Boers who went to Argentina after the 2nd Anglo Boer war. Few go and few will stay and they even lose contact with the others. And some of them eventually come back. Russia is not Western Europe or America.

Tell me about the White South Africans south of Moscow.

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